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Your safety, our concern

When you bring your European car to us, our first concern is your driving safety. While you may need an oil change, a new belt or freon for your air conditioner, we will always go a step further and give your car a safety exam. Every car, every time.

We have daughters and sons, grandchildren and spouses as well as our friends that we want to keep safe on the road and we include our customers in this concern. When you bring your car to us, know that we will fix that squeak, replace that part or change the oil, but we will also examine your car to make sure that you are driving a safe vehicle. We will tighten a loose nut, clean your windshield, and if you do need to replace or correct something, we will let you know the cost and urgency so that you can make an informed decision.

We strive to be unlike any other car service you have experienced by bringing old-world work values and expertise to our business every day.

Make an appointment or call today and find our how we can keep your car expertly running and you safe on the road. We love to talk cars.

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